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About Us

For 17 years, I have taken pride in the detail of my work, customer service and exceptional warranty when installing the industry leading Paint Protection Film, 3M Scotchguard Pro Series.  If the customer is not happy, then we have failed.  I am passionate about my work,  family, and have an immense sense of pride to help those that have sacrificed everything for people like me to become a small business owner.  As an Honorary member of the Special Forces Association and Ambassador for the Green Beret Foundation, I am PROUD to donate a percentage of my profits to the Green Beret Foundation.  The Green Beret Foundation is there to answer the call of Green Berets and their families to succeed in their next mission. Please visit their website to learn more about their mission and way.







From all of us at Cascade Paint Armor, (Brent, Stephanie, Olivia, Leilani and Ranger), we greatly thank you for your business.  Visit us on Facebook to learn even more about what we do. 

Brent Davis

Owner, C.P.A.

Brent Davis, Owner

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